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We are an independent, California C-Corporation agency, with a long track-record of providing Digital Marketing communication and Language services, to private companies and public agencies in California.


With a distributed and diverse team, we have been able to serve our clients for over twenty-five years successfully!
We have amply demonstrated our agility and adaptability in any market, as well as our experience and global capable to match any client needs.
Unhindered by rigid company size or location, we able to cover a wide range of geographies, audiences, cultures and languages. We rely on a mixture of MT and human resources to provide clients to the latest translation production, while assuring high quality. In digital marketing, we provide traditional and social media campaigns, in-language
In the past twenty years we have provided excellent services to number of B2B, B2C, and B2G, from Intel to Sun Microsystems, Kensington Corporation, California Department of Health, US Custom (presently Homeland Security), and many other companies in California, thus establishing an excellent reputation in the US market.
We have served a large number of national and international clients, including many California private companies and public agencies. Our client services have included: Digital marketing and language services, as well as public outreach, advertising, design and production of market collateral, website design and localization, national and international marketing, research, community interpretation, voice-over, digital media, print and publishing. Jungle have been a pioneer in a number of industry’s early practices, including international market research in Japan, India, Latin America and Europe, remote deployment and management of internationally distributed teams, Website localization in twenty three languages, International staff augmentation, and, of course, language solutions for a large number of industries.
We have worked with many clients to reach their diverse audiences successfully, while priding ourselves in being able to provide unique, customized solutions adapted to each brand.


Jungle bridge the cultural and linguistic gap between private industry, government, and consumers. We do this through insightful, research-based marketing, creative communications, and language services, and we effectively position brands in designated target markets.


What differentiates Jungle from many other “translation” agencies is that we consider translation a subset of communication, and not an end in itself. For effective, convincing communication to take place, you first need a clear understanding of your audience’s expectations, culture, trends, and language preferences. Jungle Communication excels in diverse target audience research and analysis, as well as successfully positioning brands in markets with multi-generational, multi-cultural groups.

Our clients benefit from having a true partner that will participate not only in creative winning campaigns, and effective language translation, but also, client can rely in our proven market analysis, consulting and creative services in the traditional and digital realm, as well as our diverse marketing expertise.

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