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we are Jungle Communications

Jungle Communications was founded on the philosophy of providing the best translation, interpreter, marketing and information-sharing services to language diversity groups in the U.S. and internationally. For those who speak native languages and express native cultures, we help you powerfully reach them. We are national, so give us a call wherever you're located.

That was the core objective 25 years ago when we started our journey in working with multicultural communities and those who need to communicate with them.

Twenty-five years of client relations and outstanding work product endows us with a breadth and depth of experience rarely achieved by other agencies in the U.S. We have seen waves of marketing approaches come and go, and we stay current on the cutting edge of understanding and methodology in how to most effectively outreach to the audiences you’re seeking to persuade or inform.

national and international

20 CITIES globally worked in
ONE MILLION+ WORDS  translated

small to large - all projects welcome

For every project that comes our way - small to very sophisticated - we bring to force a team that is made up of very smart people, who are outstanding thinkers and creative in all things relating to marketing and outreach to ethnic groups speaking diversity languages.

As a top agency, we work with the entire spectrum of institutions: companies, government agencies (city, county, state, federal), nonprofits, and individuals. Anything you need for marketing or information-sharing to multicultural audiences – we’re here to bring remarkably deep experience and current-trends insight and creativity to your project.


CEO and Manager

Juan Santana is our CEO and President -  a multicultural community member himself (his family is from Spain) who speaks several languages. Jungle Communications is a vocation for him - not just a profession - but a natural calling to create campaigns that truly move people, truly communicate in their language and cultural context.

we have what you need


Soup to nuts marketing to specific cultural communities sharing common languages, situations, interests, needs. Or to English speaking audiences, or audiences who are multilingual. What’s the message you want to deliver? JC brings experience, imagination and creative force to that message and the medium. Our team works closely with your team to achieve optimum results.

We study and immerse ourselves in the project, map out the strategy, then create messaging, stories, motivating and moving experiences that reach deeply into your audience.


Our state-of-the-art translation services cover the dominant language groups in the U.S., plus our specialists are available for more exotic language translation.

Our team is literary creative and accurate, fast and affordable.

If you want to reach communities wherein English is a second language (or not used) you must have excellent, current usage translations.

Our main office is in San Francisco, with our second office located in Los Angeles. 

San Francisco:  415 956 2556
Los Angeles:     213 246 2332

Top Certified Translation Services and Interpreters – for New York City, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia – all U.S. Cities. Call us now to talk over your project.

The great cities of the U.S. are complex, rich amalgams of ethnic communities, and always have been since the founding of the nation. Expert, nuanced translation and interpreter services are needed more than ever in our national and international commerce worlds that routinely cross over from language to language for win-win situations.

Our translation language services for New York City, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix and all the great metropolises are wide ranging, expert, affordable, and scheduled to meet your timetable. Talk to us soon about your translation language service needs for your company. As a leading translation and interpreter agency in the country we’re here to make all things concerning language work for you.

Serving Houston. Dallas. Philadelphia. Phoenix. Chicago. New York City. All cities across the nation.

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