America’s Cup

America’s Cup

One hundred years after the first race was celebrated in the U.S., America’s Cup race came back to America. San Francisco is the privileged city selected for this worldwide race; adding to San Francisco’s famous reputation as the place to be, do business and lead the world in so many technologies, business and social initiatives.

Jungle was retained to provide branding, design and production of marketing collateral, and event materials for this once every one-hundred-year sport event. We designed and produced elegant branding and collateral materials to client’s satisfaction, and produced elaborate VIP guest event pass packaging, to include Luis Button, Oracle, and many other large corporation participants. The event was a great success, with the corporations, the public, and city officials.

Jungle Communications, a local creative and multicultural marketing agency, is honored to have been selected to design and produce branding and collateral materials for all thirty two events, featuring participants and sponsors of such renown names as Oracle, Louis Vuitton, Red Bull, Charles Schwab and so many others.


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