Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation

Jungle provides consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in any language, including American Sign Language.

From language interpretation to professional translations, we’ve got all your needs covered. Reach out to a global audiences in a language they understand.

We assist our clients with remote over the telephone and over the interpretation services, and well as onsite interpreter and equipment for individuals or groups. We also provide voice and written transcripts and video recording of interpretation sections upon request. Additionally, our certified interpreters help you underst and global business partners better.

Simultaneous & Consecutive interpretation services

Single-language or multiple-language interpretation, via telephone, video conference, or in person.

Equipment rental up to 100 people audience:

Closed booth, at location, with sound feed, and up to the five individual languages simultaneously. Include headsets, transmitters, booth, recording equipment,
Videography, photography, transcription, and related services.

Voice-over recording and synchronization.

We can provide transcript of interpretation section in written, voice or video format.

Jungle Communications assisted San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority with various setups and coordination of consecutive and simultaneous community interpretation events in Chinese, Vietnamese and Tagalog, in San Francisco, including providing collateral material design and production, to explain street and traffic modification to San Francisco residents and businesses. The coordination included delivering, set up, managing, coordination, and removal of interpretation equipment and interpreters. The events went very smoothly, thanks you Jungle Communications.

Various Departments PMs at MTA,
San Francisco


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