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Multicultural marketing is the number 1 priority for companies, government agencies, ad agencies or nonprofits to effectively outreach to Hispanic and Asian, Middle Eastern, African and Eastern European audiences – the fastest growing segments of the U.S. population.

By 2020, there will a multicultural audience population in the U.S. of 79.1 million, spending $4.6 trillion a year.

Any language. We do it all.

The multicultural youth population is growing by over 2.3 million per year, and they are trend-setters. Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation in U.S. history.

Your company sees a need to be a multicultural influencer. You want your message, products or services to resonate with, and reflect the passion and intelligence of diversity audiences - their languages and cultures. You want to reach either specific generations, or across all generations.

Here at JC we are in deep touch with multicultural communities and monitor the pulse of daily cultural trends. From this insight and expertise we produce successful projects for our clients. 

These are complex dynamics that we understand and put to work for you.

Our work channels are: 
Web and Digital

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the demographics speak volumes…

Take a look at these demographic metrics, which speak directly to why you should be talking to our team for help in delivering your message or products to these audiences: 

The U.S. Asian population grew by 72% between 2000 and 2015 according to Pew Research. In the four years since, the population has grown significantly larger, establishing their lives in many major and minor metropolitan areas. Among the major ethnic groups, Asian is the fastest growing. 

The Hispanic population is on track to increase by 115% by 2060, and will comprise 29% of the U.S. population. 

According to the U.S. Census, the non-Hispanic white population in the U.S. will be 44% of the total country population by 2060. 

The purchasing power projected to 2020 of the entire multicultural market (all Asian, Hispanic, and other world language speakers) is at $4.6 trillion per year.

Obviously, we’re looking at enormous segments of the U.S. population that need to be marketed or messaged to, in the context of how they think, and what’s culturally / socially important in their lives.

Reaching these audiences smartly and effectively through targeted multicultural marketing is our team’s expertise, derived from over 25 years of experience.

we have what you need


Soup to nuts marketing to specific cultural communities sharing common languages, situations, interests, needs. Or to English speaking audiences, or audiences who are multilingual. What’s the message you want to deliver? JC brings experience, imagination and creative force to that message and the medium. Our team works closely with your team to achieve optimum results.

We study and immerse ourselves in the project, map out the strategy, then create messaging, stories, motivating and moving experiences that reach deeply into your audience.


Our state-of-the-art translation services cover the dominant language groups in the U.S., plus our specialists are available for more exotic language translation.

Our team is literary creative and accurate, fast and affordable.

If you want to reach communities wherein English is a second language (or not used) you must have excellent, current usage translations.

our work

Full color press print brochures, flyers, posters, booklets, books. Utilizing CMYK presses or digital color presses for cost effectiveness.

The full array of website design and all digital media outreach expressions, including HTML emails, PDF’s, ebooks, and mobile apps.

Radio spot ads, TV production, Youtube production

Full service translation, performed by language and context experts.

our clients

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Los Angeles, San Francisco (SF) Bay Area Multicultural Diversity Marketing Agency – Top Performing Team to Market Your Products or Services. Sell to Hispanic, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Eastern European Audiences.

Los Angeles top diversity multicultural marketing agency to take on your Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European, African ethnic outreach projects, including into Orange County, Ventura and Riverside County. The richly diverse ethnic communities of Los Angeles, Riverside to Irvine, Pasadena to Burbank to San Diego, are storied in history, culture, language and are very close knit. They are also an enormous pool of consumer purchasing power that is an opportunity for you to be effectively selling products or services.

The SF Bay Area diversity communities similarly need well conceived and executed campaigns to make effective sales or gain leads. Both greater Los Angeles and San Francisco have always been remarkably rich in diverse peoples keeping their languages and cultures alive and thriving. Speaking to them in their language and in the context of their language is vital to your company’s business. For Oakland. San Jose. Hayward. Fremont. San Francisco. Concord. Walnut Creek. Santa Rosa. All southern and northern California.

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