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multicultural marketing meaning

The U.S., Canada, and many European nations do not express themselves as a single mono-culture. Starting with the industrial revolution and fueled by world wars and economic or diaspora migration, peoples of dozens of very populous ethnic communities  have integrated into the Western countries. If countries are a metaphorical quilt of ethnic peoples - each quilt square possessing language and cultural identities - then it is apparent countries exist as multi-cultural entities. 

Multicultural, not mono-cultural, is the fabric of today’s society. 

Multicultural refers to the ethnic minorities living, buying and consuming in a given country: Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Eastern European. We serve all these ethnic audiences wherever they live in the U.S. 

How do you really successfully sell or outreach to multicultural communities? By talking to them in their primary language (the language they are most at home in) and in using the current cultural expressions they naturally follow. This marketing is targeted to the culture you’re trying to reach to sell products and services to, or to inform as a public service. This kind of nuanced marketing includes slang, special language usage, evocative and culturally relevant imagery. 

Our team at Jungle Communications are leading experts in the knowledge, assessments and skills that create successful

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Soup to nuts marketing to specific cultural communities sharing common languages, situations, interests, needs. Or to English speaking audiences, or audiences who are multilingual. What’s the message you want to deliver? JC brings experience, imagination and creative force to that message and the medium. Our team works closely with your team to achieve optimum results.

We study and immerse ourselves in the project, map out the strategy, then create messaging, stories, motivating and moving experiences that reach deeply into your audience.


Our state-of-the-art translation services cover the dominant language groups in the U.S., plus our specialists are available for more exotic language translation.

Our team is literary creative and accurate, fast and affordable.

If you want to reach communities wherein English is a second language (or not used) you must have excellent, current usage translations.

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Top Diversity Multicultural Marketing Agency For New York City, Chicago, Houston – All Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, African Ethnically Diverse Audiences in the U.S.

WJ offers comprehensive diversity marketing agency services in the top 10 cities in the U.S., and all other cities and towns nationally, from Hawaii to Maine. In selling or promoting products or services, the audience dictates and shapes the creative approach. Marketing to diversity audiences speaking alternative languages and expressing alternative culture is an art and science of insight into the audience, and discovering the best ways to engage them. Surely, speaking in their language and creating culture-feel-good buzz is the right approach. That’s what we specialize in. Intercultural marketing is rapidly becoming the must-do avenue for companies wanting to reach into an enormous audience spending trillions of dollars. Your marketing should include: Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern and African speakers who are also daily big ticket and household consumers – your potential customers. You need ethnic advertising and marketing strategies – call us today. Multicultural marketing for New York City, Chicago, Houston. Phoenix. Philadelphia. San Antonio. And all U.S. cities and towns.

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