Translation and Localization

Our Translation and Localization Services

Jungle Communications provides written translation, and localization, in all relevant market languages, across all continents. Translation of documentation materials including simple, straight translation of English copy to other languages does not work. Your marketing materials, legal or educational documentation, your application instructions, interface, games language, websites, or digital channels messages, need careful language adaptation, if it’s to be effective communication. Our agency takes translation and localization one step further by converting your materials into effective tools of communication with your specific target audience in mind. Our ability to manage large translation data volume and adapt the language to specific location and target audience, will assure your peace of mind and marketing success.

Our professional translation agency has certified interpreters, native speakers, and digital marketing experts on board. Together, we help you overcome language barriers as you expand your business globally.

We guarantee confidentiality and security, even for the more sensitive of data, including electronic patient data, as well as discovery and investigation materials. US Custom and San Francisco Police Department are but two clients that have trusted Jungle with their international investigation translation.

Marketing Materials

We translate collateral in PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, Word and other file formats into any language. We create original copy in-language, for specific markets in the US and internationally.

Technical and Labor manuals

We develop glossaries and provide translation memories for large-volume consistent translation needs. Industry-specific manuals and guidelines, manufacturing, IT, Pharmaceutical, and other.

Legal documents and contracts

We provide translation of court documents, discovery, investigation, commercial contracts, litigation, and other documentation.

Life Science

Research papers translation for biology, botany, zoology, nursing, genetics, animal science, environment, oceanography, and other.


We provide translation for financial consumer products and reports, investment, and other needs.


We provide translation for educational materials for every level of education.

Public Notices

We provide translation for public notices from utilities to transport, to public safety and other consumer instructions and notices.

Website adaptation

We provide website localization in all major languages, including, testing of single or mirror sites, etc.

Software Localization

We provide translation and localization for: Gaming, business, educational, operational and other software.

Video Translation

We provide video translation, transcription and voice-over synchronization.


We provide transcriptions of video, conferences, interviews, and other services.
I was very impressed by Jungle’s ability to handle an extensive project in multiple languages, under very tight deadlines, without a glitch. Thank you.

John Arntz, Director
San Francisco Dpt. of Election


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