Technology-Driven, Accessible Interpretation

We assist our clients with remote over-the-telephone and video interpretation services, as well as onsite interpreting and equipment for individuals or groups. We also provide voice and written transcripts and video recording of interpretation sessions upon request. Additionally, our certified interpreters help you better understand global business partners.

Our interpretation management and communication technology is available in an easy to use interface to start serving you right now!

We’ve got all your needs covered. Reach out to a global audience in a language they understand.

A True Unified Interpretation Platform
A modern, secure, scalable cloud-based system for managing all of your on-site and remote interpretation requests. Software built to streamline workflow and drive better business process while delivering high-value at lower cost.

On-Demand Interpretation

We offer an Interpretation Delivery Platform (IDP) and an Interpretation Management System (IMS) for the Education, Legal and Health Industries

American Sign Language (ASL)

Just as with language interpreters, we offer both on-demand (remote) and in-person ASL professionals who will efficiently and precisely deliver your messages in real time.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires qualified sign language interpreters when addressing the deaf or people with hearing loss.

A “qualified” interpreter means someone who is able to interpret effectively, accurately, and impartially, both receptively (i.e., understanding what the person with the disability is saying) and expressively (i.e., having the skill needed to convey information back to that person) using any necessary specialized vocabulary.

Our platform complies with the ADA requirements, while providing you with a seamless workflow in terms of live communication.

In-Person Interpretation

Jungle also provides consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in any language, including American Sign Language.

Next Generation Over-The-Phone and Video Remote Interpreting and ASL

Ultra-fast connectivity to professional Interpreters on the internet or via any mobile device (iOS or Android). Jungle’s communications infrastructure delivers a consistently high speed, high definition OPI and VRI experience

Regulatory Compliance by design.
Our platform: Is HIPAA compliant, supports Data Sovereignty, is GDPR Ready

We ensure maximum security, privacy and confidence across all of your immediate and future regulatory compliance needs.

Jungle Communications assisted San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority with various setups and coordination of consecutive and simultaneous community interpretation events in Chinese, Vietnamese and Tagalog, in San Francisco, including providing collateral material design and production, to explain street and traffic modification to San Francisco residents and businesses. The coordination included delivering, set up, managing, coordination, and removal of interpretation equipment and interpreters. The events went very smoothly, thanks you Jungle Communications.

Various Departments PMs at MTA,
San Francisco


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