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What we do
We facilitate brand communication across markets, in the US and internationally. Our expertise with multi-lingual, multi-cultural audiences makes us the ideal partner for your brand to effectively reach diverse targets markets.

Your partner for digital markets
Your new markets are in the digital space – everywhere in the world! Jungle assist clients position their brands with diverse, cross-cultural markets ANYWHERE in the world. Using digital market and social media channels. We take you to where your audience gathers, tell you their preferences, and participate in their digital conversations about your brand.

We speak their language
We have been translating brand-values into more than forty-three languages, for more than twenty-five years! Our team‘s expertise and experience will adapt your print or digital materials for ANY non-English speaking audience. We deliver accurate translations, and high impact messages that produces results, in all major world languages. We bring the World a Little Closer!


Jungle Communications provides global marketing communications and language services for private industry and government agencies. Social media participation is the need of the hour, since it ensures that communications are instantaneous. Our services cover all traditional and digital media channels in multiple languages, and our widely distributed team, and acts as digital “look-outs” for social changes in consumer trends. As a multicultural marketing solutions consultancy firm, we provide everything from internet solutions to language solutions. We use technology platforms to streamline and manage brand communication processes across channels and geographies, and to keep you timely updated.

Global Marketing

Your marketing communication has become global, and Jungle assist your brand communicate with your new markets – anywhere in the world. New language, new channels, new cultures and new preferences, are all cues to guide your survival, adaptation and expansion in the new global market reality. Our team will successfully help you craft and customize your marketing efforts for Any Market, in Any Language.

Language Services

Our Language Services comprise of Translation and Interpretation, which in turn is divided into a number of related subservices, to enhance our value to clients and partners.








We are an independent, California C Corporation agency, with a long track-record of providing Digital Marketing communication and Language services, to private companies and public agencies in California


We successfully meet your management integration and outreach needs, by implementing state of the art technology.


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