Multicultural marketing is media and message marketing to language / ethnic / cultural communities speaking their own languages, and often speaking English as a second language.

With us, you TALK authentically and persuasively to communities speaking non-English languages, and expressing their own cultural identities.

In sum, OUTREACH to specific audiences is what we do — extraordinarily well.

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smart, effective multi cultural marketing

1) You need outreach marketing to non-English or English speakers. Our people are experts in strategy, media and content.
2) Companies, government agencies, small businesses, nonprofits - our work is scalable, affordable, on budget.
3) Full services across the board in effectively reaching mainstream or alternative culture audiences.
4) We are a marketing agency with expertise in the diverse spectrum of lingual and cultural communities.
5) 25 years as a diversity marketing agency, serving nationally and internationally.
6) Hispanic, Asian, African, Eastern European multicultural marketing - leading services agency.

we have what you need


Soup to nuts marketing to specific cultural communities sharing common languages, situations, interests, needs. Or to English speaking audiences, or audiences who are multilingual. What’s the message you want to deliver? JC brings experience, imagination and creative force to that message and the medium. Our team works closely with your team to achieve optimum results.

We study and immerse ourselves in the project, map out the strategy, then create messaging, stories, motivating and moving experiences that reach deeply into your audience.


Our state-of-the-art translation services cover the dominant language groups in the U.S., plus our specialists are available for more exotic language translation.

Our team is literary creative and accurate, fast and affordable.

If you want to reach communities wherein English is a second language (or not used) you must have excellent, current usage translations.

Our JC team appreciates all cultures and languages, and have experienced many of them as community members or through travel immersion and participating in deeply layered projects. 

Our ethos embraces the plenitude of cultures in America, and is interwoven into every project that comes our way. 

We are communicators in language and media. 

Our philosophy is to bring the best of  language and design to your messaging to any lingual / cultural community.

our work

Full color press print brochures, flyers, posters, booklets, books. Utilizing CMYK presses or digital color presses for cost effectiveness.

The full array of website design and all digital media outreach expressions, including HTML emails, PDF’s, ebooks, and mobile apps.

Radio spot ads, TV production, Youtube production

Full service translation, performed by language and context experts.

our clients


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Leading Diversity Multicultural Marketing Agency For Your Project - Small to Large. Ethnic Advertising & Marketing Strategies Expertly Designed and Executed. Serving Nationally - All States.

Diversity or multicultural marketing has been identified by many marketing influencers as the critical-to-do activity for any business selling to today’s national or local audiences, and internationally as well. The power of culture and language among communities is often underestimated by companies selling products or services, and this is a strategic marketing mistake, a enormous missed opportunity. A lot of business – and solid growth and profits – would be missed if multi-ethnic audiences are not engaged and sold to by reaching them within their own cultural context. As a national diversity marketing agency serving all states in the U.S. we bring you all the insights, skills and tools to robustly reach audiences of your choice. Multicultural strategy is where we start with you; thinking out and executing everything you can do to optimally market to ethnic communities - their size and purchasing power is too large to ignore or miss on the marketing approach.

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