Global Gaming Expo 2021


I hear there is less than one month for the beginning of the Global Gaming Expo, and we are very excited to see vendors will show their wares, and the future of the industry as is being shaped today.

I enjoy learning gamification, entertainment, medical, engineering, and other activities which are finding its way into the gaming industry.

Can someone please develop a realistic game to clean up the earth’s atmosphere, and green the deserts, learn to “drive” a real nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, how about piloting a virtual-real SpaceX, oooh, I’d like that a lot. But hey, I wouldn’t mind if it’s just learning the emergency piloting of a real large jet plane – in fact I think everyone should learn to do that, given the amount of flying we spent in those airships, and more that we’ll be doing in the future.


Gaming, the promise of today into tomorrow – I am there.