Kensington Corporation

Kensington Corporation

Kensington Corporation hired Jungle Communications to “research and recommend which product lines, consumer trends and preferences, distribution channels, Japan’s CCC requirements, etc. needed consideration for Kensington to sell their computer peripherals and security systems in Japan.

They wanted to sell its computer peripheral products to Japan and hired Jungle Communications to do secondary market research in Tokyo, Japan. Based on results, our team proposed seven products to lunch, and designed the collateral marketing materials, documentation, manuals, and packaging for the seven products, which were sold to the Japanese market.

Jungle Communications developed a research program, and sent researchers to Japan to conduct on-site field research on the following subjects: purchasing habits, product size, package size, colors, legal labeling, competitor’s products, etc. Jungle presented Kensington with research results, and in-language, culturally adapted packaging for seven technology products, and coordinated packaging print in China, though print vendors in San Francisco.




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